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The Road less Travelled
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Date:2004-04-04 04:22
Mood:warm n' fuzzy

Hestia vists Tonks and they talk of Ministry politics and other junk. Rated PG for an ...awkard moment.Collapse )

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Date:2004-04-03 20:01
Mood: bored

Hmm, it's been a while.

Private for the OrderCollapse )

Just plain PrivateCollapse )

Private Owl to TonksCollapse )

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Date:2004-03-20 01:18
Mood: crushed

Extremely warded for the Order of the PhoenixCollapse )

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Date:2004-03-19 22:53
Mood: worried

Heavily Warded for the Order of the PhoenixCollapse )

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Date:2004-03-16 22:15
Subject:Warded against Aurelius
Mood: good

Warded for the Order of the Phoenix.Collapse )

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Date:2004-03-14 20:37
Subject:Private to Order members/Open RP at St. Mungo's.
Mood: tired

Do you know who has my purse? I need to pay for this pen...

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Date:2004-03-13 13:31
Subject:Private RP: Waking Up @ St. Mungos
Mood: thirsty

What are these bright lights? Am I actually seeing them?

If I am...that means...I'm alive.

My eyes open. I'm in a room, full of flowers, there are some cards too. Probably Tonks, maybe Albus too.

Ugh...my body is...it's hard to move. But I can move, even if it's only a little.

I try to lean up, but that doesn't work. Instead my eyes gaze around the room once more. There's an elf looking straight at me. Her huge eyes are almost offensively bright, like a dear caught in headlights.

"Hello," I say�immediately regretting it. My mouth is parched, my lips are cracked. First thing I'll ask for is some water.

"Oh please stay put, Miss! Bebe will get the Healer right away!" The elf runs out of the room. Well I guess she was working here. That's good, for a second I thought she might be here to rob me. From what I've been told of the elves, that's practically impossible.

I try to get up again, and fail. Well, this bed isn't too bad. I wonder how long I've been lying here...

A mediwizard walks into the room carrying some parchment. He looks at me as if he's known me all his life. I feel comfortable around him though. Must be that mediwizard charm.

"Miss Jones. I'm glad to see you awake! How do you feel?"

Glad to see me awake? How long... Well... "I'm tired," Why? Apparently I've been sleeping for quite the while. "And I'm thirsty."

"I'll have as much water as you need brought to you right away!" He sounds like he's said this a thousand times before.

"And I think I need to pee."

The healer blinks and smiles again. "Don't worry the nurse can help you with that if you like." Not what I wanted to hear. "Now I'm just going to do a few tests here.

The healer comes up to me with his wand out, and waves it from my head to my toes. I feel a tickle everywhere the wand goes, even to the hair.

"Excellent! Your spine was severed, but it seems there was no lasting damage. All of your nerves and muscles seem to be in working order."

Then he pokes at me with his wand, straight into my navel. He pulls back, and I feel a tugging...it's uncomfortable. I grimace and bite back the urge to moan. He waves his wand as if he's trying to get rid of some water, and the tugging feeling disappears. "Excellent. There was no damage done to your magical abilities as well. Very good."

I finally get the strength to lean up on my elbows. "What do you mean, 'damage to my magical abilities'?"

The healer shrugged. "Sometimes, in rare cases, damages such as yours can result in loss of some magical abilities. We try to check on that and work on it as soon as possible. You wouldn't want to wake up a Squib, now would you?"

I shudder at the thought. Waking up a Squib? I'd rather...yes I would rather die. No offence to Squibs...but my magic is all that I have.

I sigh as a nurse brings be some cold water. I'd like to take it myself, but instead I have to let him put the cup to my lips so I can drink. It's...humiliating. But he is good looking. I guess I don't mind.

Now I've really got to pee. I'm not going to bother describing this.

Before the mediwizard leaves, he asks me if there's anything else I'd like. I tell him I want a Quick-Quotes Quill, and my diary.

"Charge it to an old friend."

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Date:2004-03-02 22:29
Subject:Directed toward Lucius Malfoy

God, this is so completely meaningless.

Gotta do it, for the Order. For Tonks for Tonks for Tonks

At least it'll shut him up.

Mr. Lucius Malfoy,

Against you I used to words " I think I can handle "you" just fine." after you said "I suggest you learn very quickly how to handle yourself around us"

Apparently due to your warped version of wizarding culture those words are to mean I challenged you to a duel. I was ignorant to this made up fact and I did not mean it in that way.

Therefore I sincerely apologize for any tears you shed you big baby insult to you and to your person.

I hope this has satisfied all honor involved in the situation.

You whining little prat.


Hestia Jones

And thank Tonks for preventing me from making your wife a widow.

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Date:2004-03-02 21:21

Hi there. I forgot to add some contact info. I'm on MSN, so email me at audenti_philostra@hotmail.com if you want to talk plot. Lucius-player especially. ;)

Oh and I've been asked this a couple of times already, and so has Dayo. We're not the same player for Tonks and Hestia. I know her in RL and was at her place earlier and there was some...mishaps. :)

Hope that clears it up. Happy RPing

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Date:2004-03-02 13:34
Subject:Number 12 Grimmauld Place [Any Day/Time. Open to Regulus as well]
Mood: anxious

My shift at the Hogs Head finished, I waved good-bye to the boss and made my way to a Knight Bus stop. I prefer taking the Bus to Apparating if I can help it, though I can Apparate well enough. The Bus shows up and I board it.

On the way I find myself deep in thought. Why was I even trying? Becoming an Animagus is so extremely difficult. There are only seven registered this century...Seven! I know that there are more out there the Ministry doesn't know of, but I doubt the number extends the range of my fingers. So why am I trying?

If it were more about magical power, then I wouldn't be so apprehensive. The Apparating exam to me seemed more like a calm burst of magic than anything calculating. But this...

Could I be looking for an excuse to be in HQ? Why? I feel sorry for Sirius, and I like him as a person, and I think he's gorgeous, but that's where our relationship ends. I don't even know Regulus...

The Bus stops and I get off and make my way to HQ. Maybe Sirius isn't the only one bored out of his mind. If I can do this...well...maybe I can see myself as someone more useful to the Order. Maybe...I suppose.

Anyway, how hard could it be?

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Date:2004-03-01 19:04
Subject:Warded for the Order and their children
Mood: lazy

I spent the night at HQ. It wasn't very restful, with that awful woman waking me up a few times through the night. She did give me an early wake-up call though.

Sirius was nice, I enjoyed meeting him. He's upset with being cooped up in that place with that woman, and who could blame him? I didn't see Regulus, and I can't say I'm not disappointed. He seems like an interesting guy.

Private to Sirius BlackCollapse )

I'd better get back, Aberforth is probably having kittens. He's used to me being late for work anyway.

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Date:2004-02-29 11:30
Mood: complacent

I woke up this morning and found this tucked underneath my pillow. It really is amazing, apparently half of Wizarding England has been writing in these things already, especially the kids at Hogwarts.

I bet Dumbledore had something to do with these things. But then Death Eaters have these things too. What's they're purpose.

I think at least it'll help me with my boredom...or even clear some things up.

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately. Nasty thoughts. They come mostly when I look at Moody's photo, and look at lives wasted in this stupid war. People I didn't even know, but who deserved a lot better. Dorcas Meadows, Benjy Fenwick, Edgar Bones, the Prewett brothers, the Potters, the Longbottoms, Marlene McKinnon.

What am I still doing here? How can it possibly be fair that they're done but I'm not?

... It's stupid. I'll cross that out.

Warded Against Death Eaters and their kids: Black is back. Both of them. I wonder how that's shaping up?

Whatever. I'd better get ready, or Aberforth will bitch again. I think I'll take this with me.

I wonder if Aberforth has one.

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Date:2004-02-29 00:46


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